Editorial Advisory Board


Dr. Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist
Google Inc, USA

John Crain, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Dr. Steve Crocker, CEO and Co-Founder
Shinkuro, Inc.

Dr. Jon Crowcroft, Marconi Professor of Communications Systems
University of Cambridge, England

Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, Australia

Dr. Cullen Jennings, Cisco Fellow
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Olaf Kolkman, Principal – Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy
The Internet Society

Dr. Jun Murai, Founder, WIDE Project
Distinguished Professor, Keio University
Co-Director, Keio University Cyber Civilization Research Center, Japan

Pindar Wong, Chairman and President
Verifi Limited, Hong Kong

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